I am very new to using Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting and am creating a report for Prime Cost and a modified Income Statement. I am very excited about the possibilities.

Before I get started however I need to know if anyone out there has some tips, tricks, videos or suggestions for setting up date ranges rather than months. I have seen the Lookup tab on the standard reports but don't know how to create it or link it. I am fairly good with formulas in excel but not a guru.

Thanks in advance, anything helps!

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I am now trying to add or change parameters but the parameters tab does not appear on the report manager page. Does anyone know how to get this tab to show up?

Hello Angela

You have to make a copy of the report first. Then you will unlock it and have access to make all changes.

Then you'll see the parameters tab.


Thanks for Replying David.

I am working from a copy but the only tabs that show up are "Properties" and Union Sub Reports". Unfortunately the others are not even there.

Oh I see the problem

You are running a financial Statement.

You cannot set parameters on a financial statement without configuring the union reports.

- Double click on union reports. This will open up a list of your union reports

- Right click on the union report you would like to apply the parameter to

- Click "go to sub report"

- The sub report opens up and then you should see the parameters tab



Just got a chance to try this but unfortunately I only get Delete and Properties as an option when I right click.

To that I don't even know from these three Union Sub Reports which one I would want parameters on.

Do you know of any other ways to tell Intelligence reporting to grab certain dates when fetching data from Sage rather than the set time frame already defaulted?



You should double- click on the reports first

Then you should see the union reports

Right click on the union reports

Then click "go to sub report"

Let me know if it still isn't working and we can do a remote session.

To answer the second question, you won't be able to get SIR to choose certain dates as opposed to the default time frame unless you use the connector to make changes to that report from the ground up.


Still my only options are Delete and Properties.

Go ahead and email me at David.bryant@sage.com


Angela, did you ever get a resolution to this?  I'm having the same issue when trying to add a parameter to a financial statement.

Hello Dawn 

What type of parameters are you trying to add?


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