I would like to be able to generate calendar year reports in addition to Fiscal Year reports, using a copy of the Financial Reports that are included in Sage Intelligence Report Manager. 

I think that one simple way to do this would be to get the FiscalYearDetail.PeriodEndingDate onto the GL_Actual Report .  How can I do this? 

I have figured out how to modify the Consol Report Designer Add-in GL Actual in Connector, but I don't know how to make that affect any Reports or copies of reports in Report Manager.

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So are you saying that the GL in Sage 100 is on a Fiscal Year but you want to create financials that work on a calendar year for that company?

Exactly.  We actually need both fiscal and calendar, which are 6 months off from each other.

What version of Sage 100 is this for?

Are you wanting to take some existing reports and change them from Fiscal to Calendar?

They are on 100c.  I have actually resolved the issue and will post separately.

Hi Nina, 

We have a client that is looking for the exact same thing.

How did you resolve it? 


please see below

The method I used is very simple and correspondingly limited.  It does not work with the GLActualYTD formula, only the GLActual for individual periods.  I used the Period Ending Date in GLFiscalYearDetail to lookup the corresponding fiscal year and fiscal period.  I put one month in each column so that if you are reporting calendar for June, there will be six blank columns to the right.  The GLActual formula looks in its own column for the fiscal year and period based on the period ending date in the column header. 

Please post if you come up with something more elegant or thorough.


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