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I need to create a report that shows the GL transactions for a specific set of GL accounts (basically a summary page and detail page) without having the user drill down into each account.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I know the data is all in the hidden sheets, but I don't know how to get it out properly for just those accounts.

Thank you!

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Hi Debbi.

You can find GL transactions in the GL Transaction Details report.  This may be hidden.

You can add that as an additional sub report to the report designer and run out the designer.  Take a look here.

Take note that the new sub report won't benefit from the Task Pane or Layout Generator functionality.  You'll have to use standard Excel functions to design the detail layout.

Thanks, Peter.   I had it almost right but didn't give a blank sheet for the data to land.  I couldn't figure out why it wasn't there!

It's always the little things....

I appreciate the quick response, as always.

Hello Peter and Debbi,

I am trying to run the GL Transactions by Account Drill add-in, and I keep getting an error message that says "The specified Display field(s) [Fiscal Year] do not exist in the Data Container". Do you know what this means or how to fix it?  I am so close to creating the report I need.. Thank you for any help you can provide.  

Hi Nina,
It sounds as though there is something wrong in your container as it needs the Fiscal Year field / pass through variable. Please export that specific report from the Report Manager and send it to me so I can take a look. It may be hidden so you will need to display hidden reports first.

Thank you Desree  - the report is attached.  Please feel free to email me directly at with any further questions/comments if that is easier for you. I appreciate you helping out 



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