I am looking for the best way to add a static sheet that needs to be combined with Sage 300 sales data in the same output data.  The static sheet has all the same information as BI sales master report, however, it is coming from another system that can not be connected.  I have tried creating additional fields in the pivot table but can not manage to group the fields together. ie  customer name or item codes.

Any insight on how to accomplish this would be apricated.

Thank you.

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Hi Gary, if I am understanding you correctly, I don't see an automated way to do this, the only thing I would try  is copy your static data to the same sheet 1 as the Sales Master report, then modify the RawData named range to include the static rows as well, then refresh the pivot table.

Just make sure u copy the right values to the right columns, ie customers from static data must be copied to customers on sales master sheet 1.

Hope the above helps.

Hi Nigel,

Thank you for your reply.  With your suggestion how do I avoid the data being overwritten when the BI report is run again generating the raw data?




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