What is the recommended way to add a subreport to a union report that already has a template?  The best I can figure is to copy the report, unlink the template, add the new report and then design.  When I attempted to add a subreport to an existing union report and direct it to a new sheet, I receive a message that the sheet does not exist.

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Hey Sue, how are you?

You can add a sub-report to an existing union report.

 Try it again in a different way. One thing to try is to add an extra sheet as placeholder for the new sub-report data.

Craig Juta

Aha, that sounds a lot easier

This approach didn't work for me, any other suggestions?

Here are the steps I do:

Export the report

Create a new folder in Report Manager

Import the report using a different name i.e. adding Rev 2 to the end

Run the report

Add a Sheet for the new sub report to use and link back.

Add the sub report to the Union report. Change the Output Sheet to the number the added sheet resides in. It wants the position.

So if previously you had 3 sub reports outputting to Sheet1, Sheet3 & Sheet4 (Sheet2 is the parameters sheet) The Union report sub reports were outputting to 1,3 & 4. The new sheet is in position 5. The sub report should output to 5.

Thanks Doug, I'll try that and advise if it works.

Word to the wise, don't put the new sheet to the left of sheet two. I always put them on the very right. Sheet 2 always has to stay as the second sheet in the workbook. 

Yes cause it outputs to the position and the report expects position 2 be the parameters. :)


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