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Please excuse the rookie question, but I am in a bind with a report left half-done for a client by a sub-contractor.  It is basically an income statement report.  The client uses segmented GL accounts, to allow them to filter out the balance for each of their 2 branches.

The income statement should show the totals for each account, for each branch side by side, with a total at the end of the line.

New accounts have been created since the report was first created.  I have a training manual that supposedly shows how to add the new accounts but I just don't get it.  Any help?

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Usually i would just add the accounts, then wire the formulas to them. Is there a particular part thats confusing u?

Uhm...it probably does not help that I have never customised a BI report. I found the function that supposedly allows one to add missing accounts, but the function does not work in this particular report (which I did not create myself, so I am not sure how it hangs together), I suspect that it has something to do with how the report was constructed (not a standard report and a union report to make sure its nice & complicated).

So I've been trying to create a new report from the financial report designer.  I want to use reporting trees (to be able to filter results for each of the 2 branches), but I want to show both branches next to one another on the same sheet & then total the values for a consolidation.  Somehow, I can choose the correct period when I am not using the reporting tree value (for any one of the branches), but the moment I add the reporting tree parameter, I can no longer select the period, only the year.  Also, I cannot figure out how to put both reporting tree options on the same sheet.

Maybe check out the

Sage Evolution Learning Portal

There is a ton of learning information on their including webcasts and youtube how to videos. Hope that helps.


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