Adding company to Consolidated Report Designer Report reduces available Fiscal Years to View

Adding a new company to Consolidated Financial Report reduces years available to run in parameter pop-up. I had a client running a consolidated financial report for 2014 to 2018. He had a new company to add to the Database Consolidation List on the subreports. After adding the new company, the report parameter pop up only had years 2014 and 2018 to select from (missing 2015-2017 that used to be there). I checked the Fiscal Calendar in the new company and it had all the years. He had only put in Budgets for 2018. I asked him to put in a budget of $1 for at least one account in each of the ‘missing’ years. I then re-ran the consolidated report and all the years became available. I was not able to find any documentation on this problem, so I thought I would post my solution here. If anyone wants to explain why this happened, I would be interested in learning more.

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Hi Gabriela,

Have you tried logging a support case for this? Maybe a consultant can log into your machine and assist.

Because the client was busy and I found a successful work around, we didn't pursue going through the Sage Support hold times, etc. However, if it comes up again in a less time sensitive situation, I will consider logging a call so they can have record of the error. I have to admit that calling tech support is my last resort because in my experience the 800 number techs don't explain why it is happening. In order to get that insight, I usually need to have it routed to the South Africa experts (and that only happens when we can't find a solution).


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