Automatically run Sage 50 BI inventory report without keying date

I would like to automatically run a slightly modified standard report that comes with BI and publish it to our 5 salespeople in html format on a shared drive.

David from sage was nice enough to point me to a webinar he did showing how to auto publish.

My issue now is that the report is asking for FY and date.

All I want to publish is ItemID, description, price, cost, qty on hand, qty on SO, qty on PO for the current runtime (date). Ideally this report would run a few x a day.

It should only be for the active products.

I can't

a)figure out how to set the active? field to yes

b)when the report runs, I have hard coded 2018 and @DATE@ but I still have to hit OK. I need this report to run with just today's date.

Would appreciate any help here.


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