Is there any best practice or document for Sage X3 PU9 or V11backup, like auto daily backup of entire Sage X3 including transactional database, MongoDB and application folder?

My understanding here is we have to do the backup of 3 layers below manually.

Transactional database, backup of SQL or Oracle database.

MongoDB database, backup of MongoDB database or entire folder of MongoDB.

Application layer, backup of entire Sage X3 production folder.

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.



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Good Day,

Kindly note this is a Sage Intelligence Forum, and the above questions relate to your Sage X3 Product

Kindly find below a link to the Sage X3 Forum.  If you are unable to get a suitable answer on the forum, you can log a call with Sage X3 Support

Sage X3

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