I have the sample report running and producing correct results and the filters on Year period Account Type and Account Group work.

My requirement is to be able to filter by a reporting tree identity.   For example if my GL account has a structure of XXX-XX-X-XXX I want to be able to only show GL transactions for accounts that follow a pattern like  XXXX-01-2-100.   Ultimately I am trying to generate gl transaction detail for a certain department for distribution.  They can not be allowed to see other departments gl transactions so it needs to be restricted.   How and in what ways can this GL transaction report be modified.  

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So I see that it is a pivot table, but i don't see a field that I am able to slice the data on to achieve my results.   Is there an original SQL query to can be modified to add additional fields, like ActSegVal 

appears I can create some text formulas to derrive my gl segments from the GL Account and then add a slicer.   If there is a better way please let me know.

If I unhide sheet 1, apply the text formula to strip the gl account into segments, then add a slicer for those segements - everything does work.  The part if forgot was that when I update the template of course it all is wiped out.  Does anyone have any suggestions.


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