When running sage from RDS and launching BI, BI can not find exel to load.   Office 365 is installed local on the RDS server and users can successfully launch from RDS published app but BI does not see that and reports that excel is not installed.

Any suggestions.

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The first thing I would do is re-install the BI workstation and see if that fixes the problem. Failing that, you might want to run a repair on Excel. 

Hi Valerie,

Jim provides a good suggestion below.  Please let us know if that works or not.  In most cases, this issue relates to set up and environmental situations that we would need to know to provide a solution. You might try contacting North America support to check out the environment. 

Thank you. 

it seems to be working without really doing anything.  I did however first learn that it didn't run when remoted direct to the server.  Once I fixed that, ran the WS install which actually errored on the fact that there was no registry to set, it just ran.

Great! Good information.  Thank you Valerie. 


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