I need to write some reports using the report designer but am having trouble.

The bigenerator add on keeps on crashing excel.

This happens if i try and enable it.

I am desperate for a solution.

Running office 365 with Sage Pastel partner 2017 2017.1.2

I have repaired the intelligence install.

The Pastel and excel is now on completely new installs as trying to fix this crashed my other laptop (long story)

I have noticed this happened after a windows/office update was installed. Laptop crashed after i tried to revert back to befor the update.

Will appreciate some help and suggestions as i need the one report done Monday!

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It is indeed a windows update causing this through multiple versions of Sage intelligence

For now, see if you can uninstall the update, reboot the machine and then reinstall sage intelligence

Hey David

Uninstalling the update on thursday caused my laptop to crash and i have not been able to get it going yet.

I am on a loan slow laptop(that is giving the same error) and support advised me today it's the .NET framework update.

I have now uninstalled 4.7 twice. Installed 4.0 and 4.5 . NOTHING fix the problem.

I desparately need this fixed :(

Try this work around:

- Load a sales report (or any other non financial report) into excel

- Enable the Bi generator addin (in the excel addins section)

- Then Run your report designer

- You should see the bitools tab now

- Try designing your reports

- Let me know how this goes


Do we know the specific update number that is causing the issue?

Not yet.

Still working on it. Looks like it stemmed from an October update as that is the earliest time this was reported

Just an update:

After Pastel Support spent a few hours on my laptop things seem to be working for now.

I hope when i get my crashed laptop back i will also get that working :)

thanks for the time

I first hit this issue  couple of weeks ago after an Office update installed.

The fix I applied was to disable Office updates, and roll-back office to build 8528.2147.

Today installed Office update 8625.2132 as several updates have been issued since the error first appeared, but still get the error from bi generator on opening excel, so it looks like a roll-back to 8528.2147 again.

I used the instructions here to roll-back office  https://www.msoutlook.info/question/784

thank Colin, I will use this and test.


Rick P

I should add that Office update 16.0.9001.2080 (Feb 2018) seems to have fixed this issue, and am currently running Office build 16.0.9226.2156 with no problems

Hello Adriana, 

I am not this might have been forgotten, but is there anyway you could tell us how they fixed the error?

The last thing i want to do is format the PC just because export to excel doesn't work


Rick P

Hey Rick

THEN i had my laptop completely crash after trying to roll back office update. This has left a very bad taste in my mouth.

I then got the same error on a new lone laptop and then another update fixed it.

Cannot remember which build.


After sitting for 4 hours with the same issue again today I just decided to uninstall 2013 and scrub it from the workstation, then install Office 2010. 

To my surprise, the reporting started working. 

I guess the Sage evo no longer like MS Office 2013.

I really did not want to rebuild that machine.


Rick P


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