Help, please!  I have a customer using Sage 100c Advanced 2016 on a Surface Pro tablet using Windows 10.  Excel works fine except the resolution of the task pane.  The text is cut off.  Also, when we go into Manage trees, the window size is small and you can't get to the buttons on the right.

Has anyone seen this happen and have suggestions on how to fix it?  I tried changing the screen resolution and icon size, but that didn't work.  I think I've seen it before, but not on a SurfacePro.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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What version of Excel?

Yes, that would have been helpful to put in my original post, wouldn't it?

I believe it is Excel 2019.

I remembered that I actually had this issue with a client.

I was doing some remote work on his computer. They access the Sage 100 thru RDP. One day it was working just fine. A few days later when we accessed the RDP Desktop the Screen Resolution had changed to a lower resolution like 800x600. I could see Excel fine but the RDA tab was unrecognizable.

The clients IT guy did something that when we logged back in the resolution was back to 1920 x 1080 and the RDA tab was back to normal.

Do not know what the IT guy did but I believe it was something with the video driver.


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