Change Month is not visible in Custom Tollbars under Add-Ins Tab

Change Month Add-In is not visible in SI Financial Report D-3-4 (AE-SQL) when run out using MS Excel 2016 (Office 365) but it is available in MS Excel 2010 - Any suggestions?

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Is this happening on Standard reports or only Custom Reports?

I found the following Article which may be helpful:

You can also check your Excel:

File > Options> Customize ribbon > Main Tabs> Developer Tools

Hi Helen

Thanks for your response. This happens when running out a the standard Financial Report D-3-4 (AE-SQL); customized in the sense that other tables from the Sage ERP database are queried in a union report for additional data. We were recently upgraded to Office 365 / Excel 2016 from Excel 2010 and there may be an issue with the Excel versions, so I will be following up on your suggestions.


Suggested solution to the issue has resolved the problem, thank you.

Glad I could help.


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