Consolidated Financial Statement with Exchange Rates

Does anyone have a demo Consolidated Financial Report with 2 Companies with different currencies using the exchange rates, ie SAMLTD andSAMINC?

I would like to have one to demo to our customers who require this functionality

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Hi Debra,

This should be available with the standard pack of reports in Sage 300.

Depending on the version of Sage 300, this would appear under the 'Consolidation' or 'Consol Designer' folders.

Note that you'll need to login to report manager with each of the companies you wish to consolidate and thereafter select these companies in each sub-report under the 'Database Consolidation List' section of Report Manager.

Hopes this helps!



I have looked at all the Consolidated Reports , especially the Consolidated Financial Statement.

I have both companies in the cosolidation list but the reports only show one company. There is no consolidated data that I can see

Hi Debra,

Are you able to run a report with just 1 of the companies and get data? is this the same for each company?

Have you tried clicking on the company selector in the Lists tab to see if you can access different companies?

The currencies can be done by using a combination of Currency Type and Currency Code in Sage intelligence formulas.

If you'd like balances for both companies returned in one formula, enter "SAMLTD,SAMINC" in the Company parameter of the formula.

If you still have an issue i suggest contacting Sage 300 support for them to investigate further.

Hope this helps!

Hi Keeveshin,

I will try this.I do get data for one company and can access multiple company data.

This report should be provided in the samples provided.

There is a report called consolidation demo but someone dropped the ball and only put one company on the report.

Also if you use 2 companies with different currencies this should have been demoed on the report

It would have been great to have a demo report to show customers instead of having all of us create one on our own

Hi, if you are looking for consolidation and currency conversion of Sage 300 companies, we have several clients doing it. You can email me to


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