Create Debit and Credit Columns in Trial Balance using Sage Business Intelligence.

Hi, I am trying to create a Trial Balance with separate columns for Debits and Credits using the BI Tools tab in Sage Business Intelligence. Thus far I have been unsuccessful in this endeavor. Any suggestions? 

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You should look in the Sage Intelligence Report Utility (there must be a link to it on this forum somewhere). Depending on which product you are using, there might be a report in there that you can use. I know there is for Sage 300. Not sure about the other products. Hope this helps. 

Thanks for the reply Jim. I am using the SBI tool for Sage X3. I've searched through the reports and have had no luck so far. I'll take another look.

Sage Intelligence for Sage 100 I used the following: 

Debit =IF(GLActual($A7,$B$2,$B$3,$B$1)>0,GLActual($A7,$B$2,$B$3,$B$1),"")

Credit =IF(GLActual($A7,$B$2,$B$3,$B$1)<0,GLActual($A7,$B$2,$B$3,$B$1),"")

A7 = account #

B1 = Company Code

B2 = Fiscal Year

B3 = Fiscal Period

thanks its helpful...


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