Data Source name not found and no default driver specified. SQLState=IM002

I am getting the following error message ever since our re-install of the Sage 100 SQL 2016 software when I run any SIR Reports or Connectors on several machines.

Data Source name not found and no default driver specified. SQLState=IM002

We verified that SQL Server was running by going into SQL Configuration Manager.

We also went to C drive - Windows - SysWOW64 - odbcad32
Open - System DSN - I see two Native Clients (version 11) and Version 10.

The massql.settings does contain the following line: 

CONNECT='Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0}';

We then went into Connector - Enterprise - Tools - Tenant Cache, clear.

The error was still appearing.

We went to check Autoconnect in Connector by doing a check/test and received a similar error

The user has sufficient user permissions on the alchemex.svd file and that the file attributes are not set to read only. The report repository is even set to everyone full control

I can also go to another server, and pull data thru the connector, so I do not think it is a SQL permissions.

We have rerun the workstation re-install and repair a few times. 

Yes, we have "as Administrator" too.

All our standard Sage 100 reports run except for the SIR Reports.

Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi Michael, 

You mention that a SysWOW64 folder exists however the 32bit ODBC Driver is being used. Do you perhaps have a 64bit version of this driver?

It seems like you've gone to quiet a degree of troubleshooting and I'd suggest logging a call with your ERP support if this does not resolve as they would be able to take a further look into the possible causes.

Best of luck!

Kind regards,


After several calls with Sage and Alchemex, we tracked the issue down to corrupted SQL ODBC drivers. Once I fixed the SQL ODBC drivers, everything started working again. Michael


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