Can anyone tell me a little bit more about the database administration tool.  I understand that it will allow you to access more fields than the report manager.  Is there a list of the fields that can be accessed?  I have two clients looking for different reports but accessing the same information and I can't seem to get it through the report manager.

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Hi Janet

With the Database administration tool you can access all fields in the database. The database administration tool is where you set up your connections to your database and where you can create your own containers over an above those that ship standard with Simply Accounting Intelligence.

The the reports that you run from the report manager will utilize the standard containers, and those fields within the standard conatainers. If you want to access additional fields in the database that are not in the current containers, you can then access these via the Database administration Tool.

There is a recorded webinar on the Database administration tool , (Connector), which will give you more information on how the Database Administrator works.
Thanks Ruth - I will take a look at it.  Would you say it is easy to use?



It's easy to use as long as you understand the table structure and links between tables.






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