Anybody run across this before - I have six databases in a consolidated report.  For some reason, one of them is showing up twice.  I have removed the database and ran it with only five and those five show up fine.  I add back the sixth, run the report and again I have two of the same - see screenshots below.  

First one shows the database appearing twice in the Lists

The second one shows it only once, which is obvious, in the Database Consolidation List

The third is the Settings tab from the report - Can't figure out why there are two current years and periods for the company - data integrity test came back clean.   Checked the ODBC DSN - all good.

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Note - the database only appears once in the Tenant cache - see below

Any luck with this issue yet

Nope - I had Sage look at it and they are at a loss.

The only thing I can see, when I go into the database is there are two current periods listed.  I believe the client has done a fiscal year end change at some point in the past, although they say they haven't.  I believe if we remove (change) this record in SQL then all would be fine.  We are still building the report and I don't believe it is going to cause us any issues.  I was just curious as why it was happening.

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