I need to add a date/time stamp to my output file in the following format:

YYYYMMDDHHMMSS (without any segment delimeters etc.).  Is there a way to achieve this in Sage Intelligence?

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Copy the following function in a VBA module. The function will then be available in your sheets. It converts the current day/time into the format you're looking for (no parameters are passed to the function)

Public Function TimeToYYYYMMDDHHMMSS() As String

On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

Dim sglDay As Single
Dim sglMonth As Single
Dim sglYear As Single
Dim sglHours As Single
Dim sglMinutes As Single
Dim sglSeconds As Single

sglYear = Year(Date)
sglMonth = Month(Date)
sglDay = Day(Date)
sglHours = Hour(Now)
sglMinutes = Minute(Now)
sglSeconds = Second(Now)
TimeToYYYYMMDDHHMMSS = Str((sglYear * 10000000000#) + (sglMonth * 100000000) + (sglDay * 1000000) + _
(sglHours * 10000) + (sglMinutes * 100) + (sglSeconds * 1))


Exit Function

Resume Exit_Point

End Function



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