I'm getting an error when trying to do a drill down:

"The drilldown report Report Designer Add-In-GL Transactions 1-0 required to perform the drilldown doesn't exist"

I'm using Sage 50 US 2016.  I called Sage and they couldn't help me so I'm hoping someone here might have a solution.

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Hi Ginny.

Import the attached report into the same folder as your Report Designer and give the drill down a try.



Thank you so much!  It works like a charm now.

Hi, Peter. I am having this same issue but with Sage 100 v2018.  Will this file work for me, also? Where should I save it?


Hi Dawn.

It won't work.  Please tell me the name of the report you're trying to drill down from and the specific error message that you get.

It's a custom report I created for ABC company. I've attached the exported report.  I want to be able to drill down and see the transaction detail behind the PTD activity. The report executes but when I try to drill down on the PTD actual amount, I get this error.  I have confirmed that this file does exist in the Container.  Thanks!  


Dawn - How are you "Drilling" down on the PTD Amounts?

I ask because I imported your report and ran it with the ABC company. The report ran showing the PTD & YTD Values. I Right Click on cell F6 PTD Sales and the Drill down worked?


Interesting.  That must mean there is a problem with the install on my machine.  I did exactly the same thing as you and got the error that I provided. Great. Guess I'm doing some uninstall/reinstalls.  At least I know it works! Thanks Doug!!

Maybe try setting up a new shared SMI folder first.

When you setup a new empty folder and use the Change Metadata Repository and point to it the Report Manager will refresh all of the "canned" reports.

I'll give that a shot!

Attached is the file.  This file is usually a hidden file, so if you try the above you can try view it by showing hidden files.  Otherwise you can import this.



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