I am receiving the message "Drill Down Problem.  Company XXX not found in tenant connection cache."   The report generates successfully for this company and I can drill down to the account level.  But I get the error when drilling to see the transaction detail.

I am thinking this has something to do with the "Report Designer AddIn-DrillDown 1-0" container not accessing the associated cache, but it is not clear on how to resolve.  Any suggestions?

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Hi Neal,

The company would need to be in the tenant cache for this to work as the transaction drill-down queries the DB with supplied parameters.

You'll be able to see if this exists by opening Report Manager, clicking on the "Tools" tab and selecting "View Tenant Cache" in the "Tenant Cache" drop-down. If the company you're accessing does not appear there, thats probably the reason for the error.

To rectify this, launch Report Manager with the company you require to drill down on and then try to drill-down. This is a common occurrence with distributed reports as well as consolidations.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Hi Keeveshin,

Thanks for the information.  That's what's perplexing about this.  The company is showing in the tenant cache.  The reports generate fine and it is just when I try to drill down to see the transaction detail that I get the message "company not found in connection cache."

I know this drill down accesses the "Report Designer AddIn-DrillDown 1-0" container in the Connector module, and it seems there is something preventing it from seeing this tenant cache.

Hi Neal,

That certainly is strange!

I'd recommend contacting your ERP support desk to assist with this as there's definitely something weird going on.

Out of curiosity, is the company name exactly the same as it appears in the tenant cache and ERP? Any discrepancy in the company name would result in the company not being found.

Kind regards,


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