Easier way to build/edit massive reporting tree? (sage 300)

Hi everyone, 

I am going to build a reporting tree for 90+ departments. I was wondering whether there is a better way than manually typing everything in? Would be nice to be able to import a csv file. I tried a few tree reading website to read the .tre file but didn't work for me. I also tried opening the .tre file with notepad and the content is beyond my knowledge. 

Thanks for your time!!

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Hi Terris,

We don't have one for 300.   The only one we have is for Sage 100 or 500 which enables users to import their FRx trees. It's a small executable that moves the .tre files over to Sage Intelligence. This link is to the doc and file:  http://learning.sageintelligence.com/sage-100-intermediate/docs-2016/

There could be someone who is part of this community who has built one.


Hi Sandra, 

Thanks for your kind help!! I was looking for one for Sage 300 and couldn't find any. So I just went ahead and manually created the tree.. Wasn't too bad. Hope there will be an executable for Sage 300!


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