Email Distribution in SI for Sage 100 - Convert to Static Values not working


I am working on a Report with multiple tabs. Each tab has a different distribution setting set up. They all are set to "Convert to static value". When sending the Emails, the reports are not converted to static values. 

Any ideas on this?



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What version of Sage 100 are you using?

In this case it is v2016.

Bastian, did you ever get this resolved? I'm having the same issue. Thanks! Dawn

Hi Dawn,

I ended up using  macros for this. I run the macros either automatically when the report starts,  or triggered by a button click. The beauty of this is that I can also just convert specific areas to static. I had a couple of instances where I needed only the Report Designer Formulas converted to static and nothing else.

I basically use two different approaches, depending on the need and the size of the report:

Option 1)

I have the Macro go through all used cells and let it check if the formula starts with GL (that means it is a Report Designer Formula). If that is the case, I go ahead and replace the formula with the static value.

Option 2)

I explicitly define the areas that need to be converted to static.

Here is some simple macro code on how to convert a range (there are many different ways). Let me know if you need some more detail.

Dim shtT As Worksheet 'defines shtT as a Worksheet Object

Set shtT = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("WorksheetName") 'assigns a Worksheet to the object

shtT.Range("A1:D10").Value = shtT.Range("A1:D10").Value 'converts Range A1:D10 to static values



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