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Just wondering how to find out the smtp server - I use Windows Live Mail and I think it is but that doesn't seem to work.  any ideas on how to find it.  I have checked the internet but haven't had much success except for the above address.



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Hi Janet,

The smtp server for Windows Live but because its a web based mail you are going to battle to get it to work as normally it requires a secure connection (SSL) with specific ports which the alchemex email addin does not really support.  Is there another smtp address you can use such as Telkom or Vodacom as these would pretty much be a straight smtp set-up.

Hope that helps.


Thanks David - I did eventually get it to work.  I finally figured out that I went into my email account and it is listed there.  it isn't but one that would work with my email provider. 


appreciate the response.




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