Description: [We can't make this change for the selected cells because it will affect a pivottable. Use the field list to change the report. If you are trying to insert or delete cells,move the Pivottable and try again.]

Source: [Microsoft Excel]

I keep getting this error message when trying to create a Standard report in Sage Intelligence. When I run the raw data from the container, select insert PIVOT, it goes to Sheet 4 (by default my Excel settings have 3 sheets). When I make any changes to this report on Sheet 4 and save I get this message. This never happened to me before, it's strange. I can save on a previous Sheet (like sheet 3 or 2), but then when I run the report tomorrow or next week, the numbers won't be correct as some data is slowly lost. Has anyone had this issue before and successfully resolved it?



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Here is a kb article on the error:

Error Number:1004

Here is a link to get the FixTemplates utility:

Unable to get the Add property of Workbooks class

Thank you Doug!

If this doesn't work do a search on "Error Number [1004]" here on the Community.

Found a few posts regarding this error.

Actually I used the BI generator add-in and used that to format and create the pivot. It works perfectly now. Thanks again!

I also got Error Number: [1004] SaveAs method of Workbook class failed when trying to save the template back to Report Manager. It turns out that my Report Name had a slash in it. This was automatically putting a slash in the template name, which is an illegal character. It doesn't sound like this was your issue, but do check for any illegal characters in the template name.


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