I have a new laptop.  I have deleted my old laptop from my SI license.  I have licensed this laptop and it shows a valid Connector license.  But when I try to access Connector, I get this:

You are trying to run Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting in the Mode [Connector].  This workstation [XXXXXX] however has only been authorised to run in Mode [Report Manager (RMG)].  Please contact your Administrator to rectify this problem.

Version of Sage 100 is 2016.5.

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Good day

Normally for this senario you would need to contact the Sage 100 team to troubleshoot the license error you are receiving, Maybe they would produce a new license code or re-serliase the one you have.

Hope all works out :)


Was there ever a resolution to this?

I found the below details and in the Sage 100 Contractor Installation manual, of all places (pages 42-43).  I mention that in case you would like see the graphics that accompany the steps.  This really belongs in one of these online, searchable resources, so I'll post here in the SI Community forums.

"A workstation in an Intelligence Reporting installation can be licensed to run in one of four modes. These modes are -

  • Administrator (ADM) - In this mode the workstation can be used to access both the Connector and Intelligence Reporting as well as to run reports from Shortcut files.
  • Report Viewer (Shortcut) - In this mode the workstation can be used to run reports from Shortcut files.
  • Request Server (WEB) - Unavailable in Sage 100 Contractor.
  • Report Manager (RMG) - In this mode the workstation can be used to access the Report Manager as well as to run reports from Shortcut files."

To change the version the workstation uses when you see their message, open the License Manager and expand the home node.  Select the workstation (which is noted within the error message) from the list, and then change the Workstation License Type in the Properties tab to the right, as needed.

I hope others find this solution quickly going forward. :-)


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