Excel Error on Sage 50 US Sage Intelligence Financial Designer file

Getting "Unexpected error occurred:  Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" on Excel files.  Using Sage 50 US, Windows 10, Excel 2016 desktop. Have uninstalled and reinstalled Sage Intelligence, did not fix the error.  Error started with SI FD Excel file, now getting error on all Excel files.  Any suggestions on how to correct would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello Darlene

The issue has been resolved

After the reinstall you need to deactivate the Layout generator Add-in (under the excel options) and restart excel. It will auto-execute and the task pane should show up


I continue to get this error every time I run a SI FD report and the Task Pane does not load.  One of my clients has reported to me that they are also getting the error.  The only fix that works is to uninstall and reinstall SI before I use it. Does anyone know of a more permanent fix?


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