Excel process still running after report runs and Excel is closed

Quite often, after a report is run an Excel process (sometimes more than one) is still running even if Excel is not open.

I run several reports a day automatically using the Task Scheduler and when this happens, future reports fail until I manually close out those Excel processes.  

Any suggestions how to fix this?

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Do you have the parameter "Close Book After Completion"  checked in the Reports Properties tab?

I am having same issue.  "Close Book on Completion" is checked, however, each time the report is run either manually or through Task Scheduler, an instance of Excel is left open.  Any help is appreciated.

I am also having a similar issue - does anyone know if it's been resolved? When running a report either manually via Report Manager or through Task Scheduler with "Close Workbook After Completion" ticked, the workbook closes but the core Excel program remains open.

I have tried adding an auto_close macro of Application.Quit, but whilst this works when manually opening and closing the created workbook, the macro doesn't work when a new book is created by Intelligence (despite the fact the created workbook has the macro within it). 


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