Excluding Inactive GL Accounts - Sage 100 Designer Add-in

I am new to Sage Intelligence.  I am looking to answer 2 questions.

1.  How do I exclude inactive gl accounts from reports

2.  How am I notified of new accounts that are not on my reports.

I am using sage 100 with the designer add-in.

Thank you

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1. only if the account hasnt been used for year you have selected. will it not come through. 

2. the new accounts features hasnt been included in the RDA just yet. I believe it will be there in the future.

Hi Stacey.

To add to Candace's comments:

1. I'm not sure if 100 includes this but if there is an active/inactive account field in your report data, you can add this field to your report and place a filter on that field to exclude inactive accounts. Another option would be to delete the inactive accounts from your report layouts.

2. The best thing would be to set up your account ranges in your layouts so that they include any new accounts that are added to your GL. 


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