Is it possible to define a external Database, Container & Report......and use report designer finally?

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Hi Marius,

I'm not sure I understand your question. You can connect to a database outside of Sage (or tables within Sage) using the Connector module then create a container (joining tables) then you can create a report using Report Manager. You can use the report you create as a sub report within the Report Designer. The Report Designer is a financial report, however, you can add other standard reports to it as a sub report. There is a video in our webcast library that explains how to add a report to the Report Designer:

I hope this helps.

Thanks your reply.

Report designer able to generate figure by function followings:


What I mean is....Can I create similar function for my new external data? 

You would have to replicate the data sheets (and there are numerous data sheets) to match those that you would get from a Sage 300 database. Same sheet names, same column names, same named ranges, maybe a few other things. You would basically have to spoof the report designer to thinking it is reporting on a Sage 300 database. Even then, it might not work. I'm sure the good people at Sage don't consider this use case when they develop their product. It would be ALOT of work (if it is even possible) and I'm not really sure how you would test to make sure it is giving you the correct information. 

In answer to your original question, I would say it might be possible, but I can't see it being a practical solution. 

Actually, we have added sub-ledger & external data to different data sheets, which related to customer from CRM.

We wish we able to add similar function as GL. 

Anyway, Thanks your information.


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