Financials Report Title - how to show company name and fiscal period end calendar date like FRx

I'm just learning SI after 20 years of FRx.

In FRx the report titles had functions you could enter for the company name and calendar date texte for the fiscal period end.

I haven't found any functions like that in SI. When I look at the community posts, as well as google, I find multiple work arounds only.


Am I accurate in concluding that after 10 years of development, SI still has no way to match what FRx did for something as basic as a report title?

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I use the excel formula =CHOOSE()

You choose the PERIOD then your formula returns the exact text you want for each value.

Choose Text from where? 

Period 7 of fiscal 2019 is "as of July 31st 2018"

You enter the text in the formula.  I've attached a sample for you.  You can use a combination of concatenated pieces to build the correct heading. 

In my example, it's a a calendar year.  In your example, your year reference (in my sample) would be FYEAR-1

Here's a tutorial link.


Thanks Debbi, 

I was over-complicating it :) 

I just manually configure the choose list elements.

You're welcome.

You can use a vlookup as well, but I've found the choose formula to be much easier.


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