I run out the sample designer statement and have issues with cells.  When I go into the FX to figure out why results are not calculating I get a very strange display.  Has anyone seen this before.  

This is a brand new installation.  2018 SP2

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It looks like your year and period aren't coming through to the report properly. If you change the "Current Period" field (which currently has #NAME in it) to 1 (or some period you know you have data for) and the year (at the top of the Current Month/Year to Date Section) to a year you know you have data for (you should have selected the fiscal year when you ran the report), do you get any information on the report? It might be an idea to check the Parameters tab (it's a hidden tab) as this information usually defaults from there. Maybe also check the tab for Actuals (another hidden tab) to see if there is data in the report. 

The left side of the formula arguments window should have the field names (Company, Account, etc), so that looks very strange. Maybe need to re-run the BI workstation install, as maybe the Excel add-in didn't get installed properly. 


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