Hi everyone, 

I did some research on this and see some people posting this question before but not finding a solution yet. So I thought I'd just post it again to see if there has been any new updates. 

In Sage 300, we can have GL Security on and set account permissions for different users, for example, only allowing user to see one account segment. However, when I use this user to run SI reports, this user can still pull GL results for all accounts (incl. the segments this user are restricted from). Is this the way it is supposed to be?

Is there a way so that the user can run the report for one particular segment? For instance, I am building a report using the reporting tree for each division. I want people in each division only be able to see the results for their own division (segment); and when they drag the tree branch for other division, the report would just return all 0s due to the security setting. 

I am new to Sage intelligence and this forum so please excuse me if my questions are not clear. Thank you for your help and time! 

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Sage Intelligence cannot restrict running reports by account segment nor can the Tree function turn data on or off depending on the segment.  Unless filtered all data is pushed to Excel for the financial reports and the tree provides the ability to view data by segment - all segment data will be included in the hidden sheets.. However - theoretically - you could try using a filter.  So, for the example, you could try setting up a filter for the particular segment so that only the data for that segment is pushed to Excel. I think using masking might work - ??-100-??-??? as an example.  With that said, the report may not include data that it needs for the report. This all depends on how the segment is being used but worth a try. 

I hope this helps. 

Hi Sandra, 

Thanks for your kind help! I tried with filters as you suggested and it worked perfectly for me! Just to share my testing results, the filter needs to be at the Accounts sub-report; simply putting a filter for the Segment Codes sub-report did not work for me. I briefly tried masking the account number but was not able to get it work, so I just used a more manual filter (AccountNumber ends with -001). I will need to do more testing to see what else is available. 

Thanks again!! 

Hi Terris.

Just to add to this, in the Report Manager the sub reports aren't interrelated, so you would need to add filters to each one you want filtered.  Using a passthrough variable is a convenient way to do this.  It is only once the data is pushed into Excel that it becomes related via the functionality of the Report Designer.

Another possible option for filtering is to add another field to the report in the Connector module defining the segment you want to filter by and then use that field in your filters in the Report Manager.

Hi Peter, 

Thank you for introducing pass through variable to me. I looked into it. It looks like a great function that I can use for the future. 

I think in my situation adding filter might be a better solution, because the purpose is to prevent user from seeing data for financial results related to certain segment codes. If I understand it correctly, pass through variable is for setting up parameters to be applied to multiple sub reports. And in my case, I don't need a parameter, because I don't want the user the enter the segment code; I want the user to be restricted from certain segment codes in the first place. 

So my strategy is to add segment code as an additional field in the all Report Designer container. And then using segment code as a filter on the sub reports (Segment Code is in _________). Do you think there is an easier way?


Hi Terris.

What you are suggesting sounds right.


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