I'm still learning Sage Intelligence. l'm modifying a financial statement copied from the Financial Report Designer 1-1 default template. 

I'm assuming the only way to edit the template to update the reporting tree, etc, is to Run the report,  edit the excel file, and save the template. Is that the standard procedure?

I ask because this a medium size report, and it took 2-1/2 minutes just to open the excel file before I could work on it. 

Yesterday, I added 140 rows to the reporting tree, clicked on apply / OK, and it ran for 20 minutes without closing. When I closed manually, it apparently only saved about 90 of the 140 rows in the reporting tree. 

I'm on windows 10 with 8gb or ram, running a local install of sage 100 erp and sage intelligence.

Any practical tips for me?

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Hi - The Report Designer report is a Union report that runs 9 sub reports. These sub reports output are hidden.

2 of the reports Actual & Opening Balances outputs all of the history from the GL_PeriodPostingHistory file.

Depending on how many years of history is saved in the GL this could have a number of rows in the template.

Run the report and unhide the Actual & Opening Balance sheets and see how many rows are there.

Thanks for the help Doug. I see the sub reports now. 

Is there any way of working on the template design without running it and having to wait on it running all the data?

When I click on the Design icon, I don't see any of the SI tools in excel. 

Am I missing something obvious, or is that just the way SI is designed? 

Once you run the report the template contains everything you need to work with it.

You can run the report and save the template to your Desktop. Make changes and if you want to stop for the day save it back to the Desktop.

When you are done open the template then save it back to the report in the Report Manager.


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