How to distribute entire workbook as a SINGLE PDF document in RDA Distribution?

With Sage Intelligence Report Designer Add-in (v1.0.0.16) for Sage 500, when a report is distributed as a PDF file, each sheet/tab is sent as a separate file.     Is there a way to get them to send as a single PDF file?

This looks to be by design, as the "Distribute each worksheet as separate documents" option is checked and grayed out when PDF format is selected.   With other formats, it's selectable.

Thanks in advance

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Hi John,

what happens when you select instruction and you select all your workbooks/pages that you would like to distribute there?

have you tried that?

Yes, of course I selected multiple worksheets/tabs that need to be distributed.   SI creates a PDF for every sheet/tab.

Hi John.

As far as I'm aware, this is by design. If you are able to distribute to a shared folder then you could use the Generate Output File field in the Properties tab of the Report Manager and add .pdf to the end of your file name.

This also made me think of the SMTP mail add-in in the Report Manager. But this would require an accessible SMTP server and I've never tested sending as a pdf. You might want to give it a try.

Thanks Peter, but the "Generate Output file" option on Report Manager only does .xls, at least for the Sage 500 version (we still only have the one with tiny icons).

Peter, you are brilliant and I spoke too soon -  that actually worked - even though .xls is the only type available, if I type in a file name with .pdf extension, it actually does generate a pdf file with all the tabs' reports in one file!

Do you know where I can get the SMTP mail addin?

Glad to help.

You should have the add-in, you set it up using the Run Add-ins field in the properties tab of a report in the Report Manager. I also found information on it in the help file by searching SMTP.

I've tried this, and it creates a pdf, but only for the Active Sheet in the report, not for every sheet. I've tried changing the print settings in the report template to print all sheets (there are 4), but it doesn't seem to work. I'm not using Distribution Settings, I just want to save the file as a pdf that includes all tabs on the report. Am I missing something here?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jim.

You are right.  Having a look at this again, the only way I can see to achieve this is to have a macro that executes on the running of the workbook which saves the entire book to pdf.  I've tested this and it works.  I'll share the method shortly.

Strange - I just tested again on the latest version of SI available for Sage 500 (Core version 7.50, Metabase version 6.9.4) and was also unable to duplicate my success 3 years ago.   The Generate Output File option will only output the first worksheet tab to PDF, not the entire book...   Now I am curious why I thought it had worked.   

Anyway, would appreciate your solution as well, Peter.  Thanks as always!

Thinking about this, the save function that gets executed is Excel's native save function so I'm guessing that it's a change to Excel that has caused this.  If you Save As PDF in Excel, under the additional options there is a setting to Save Active Sheet or Save Entire Workbook and this always defaults to Active Sheet.  Based on my testing, the sheet that gets saved to PDF when using Generate Output File is the sheet that was active when the workbook was last saved to the report in the Report Manager.

My idea for the solution is to create a Macro which gets executed on report run that changes the Save option to Save Entire Workbook and then saves a copy of the file.

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