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I would like to know if there is a report for detailed stock. If I look under - Edit - Inventory - Item File, there is very limited fields for extra detail on a stock item so our organisation has actually made use of the "user field" tab. How will I be able to draw a inventory report with this information added to each stock code?

I have added a snippet of the user fields that I need on my report.

Is this even possible? I would like from anyone with a possible solution.

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Hey Mariska 

Are you trying to run this report from within Pastel or Sage Intelligence?

"Hallo Tesh, well I would be willing to try anything if you can give me recommendations please? Thanks"

HI Mariska

Have you tried looking at the free reports that are available for Sage Pastel? Simply download the Utility and you will have access to all the reports.

Sage Intelligence Report Utility


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