Is it possible to get a Non-Sage database to appear in the consolidation list?

I have a client who would like to add a non-Sage 300 database into a report that is also pulling data from a Sage 300 database.  They have created a report that is running under the Consolidation option, so that it can pull data from multiple databases.  In the consolidation list, they can see all of the Sage 300 Databases, but cannot see any of the Non-Sage 300 databases.

Is there a way to get the Non-Sage 300 database to appear in the consolidation list so that it can be selected?

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Hi, if you are looking for consolidation and currency conversion of Sage 300 companies, we have several clients doing it. You can email me to Some of them have are consolidating Sage 300 with balances coming from other ERP systems.

You just create a virtual company from Sage 300 to connect the non-sage 300 database. There is only some tables will be created. 


Hi Marius,

Thanks for the reply.  I'm not sure how you do this.  I can create a minimal company with just GL activated.  How do I add the non-sage database into the mix?


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