Hi All,

Could you direct me to a source where I can see all the Excel functions for creating financials?

Functions such as GLClosingBalance etc.

Thank you,

Paula Park

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Hi Paula, 

I'm not sure what you are asking.  All the Closing/Actual/Actual YTD etc.formulas are included in the Task Pane and when you drag the formula onto the Excel sheet then select the Excel fx button to open the Function Argument window you will see on the bottom left corner a link.  This link takes you to our Help files where you can learn a bit more about the formulas there.  

I hope this helps. 

Thank you. 

Thank you Sandra for your response.  

I don't design the report that way.  I create them from scratch by copying my FRx row definitions in.  And then manually creating the formulas.   So far here are a couple of the Sage Intelligence formulas I have used.  GLClosingBalance, GLActual. GLActualYTD.  However, if you use the Layout Generator to drag a column label to create the report, they are given different name.  For example, the function GLClosingBalance is called Closing Balance on the list of labels.  I am looking for a "cheat sheet" of the functions behind the labels.  

I hope that makes sense.


Paula Park

Hi Paula, 

I don't think we give any cheat sheet away of the development behind the formulas.  The Layout Generator and Task Pane formulas are the same just using two different methods for 'presenting' them to Excel.  The Layout Generator enables to click on a formula which places it into the column or row heading.  The Task Pane enables dragging the formula to the cell then hooking up the elements of the formula using the Function Argument Window or just within the Formula Bar.  

Let me know if I'm still missing what you need. 


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