We have recently upgraded one of our clients from Sage 300 v6.0 to Sage 300 v2014.  The server and all workstations are working, except for 1.

Any reports on that 1 workstation gives a message "login failed for user 'sa'". I have gone through forum discussions and tried the following:

1. Regional Settings changed to English (United States).

2. Bxdat.exe - Could only find the file on the server, there wasn't a local file and also not a local intelligence folder.  Did replace the file, but this didn't have an effect, so I reverted back to the original as all other workstations are working.

3. Recreated ODBC's.

The only difference that I could find so far is that the working machines are Windows 7 64-bit and the on with the error is Windows 7 32-bit, but not sure if this would have an effect.

Any suggestions in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Riekie,

please can I asked you to use the below bxdat.exe file,

Please click on the drop box link




Please drop it and replace it on the repository below


C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Sage 300 ERP\BX62A

if you still having the same issue I would suggest chatting to Sage Support perhaps they can assist you with a remote session,.



Good day, we are having this same issue with version 2017 (6.4). Is there a hotfix for this version as well?


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