Working with MAS Intelligence and I have an issue with the Task Pane not showing up until I de-select it from Excel - Options - Add-ins, then re-select it.

I can create reports, and use the Task Pane, create and link, and each and every time I have to perform the above steps to get the task pane to appear.  It never just appears when I run the report, I have to select Show Task Pane in the Report Designer Add-in to get it to appear.

If I go to Add-Ins right after running the report and select Report Designer Add-In, then Show Task Pane, I get the following error message:

"This workbook does not have valid data to use in the Report Designer Add-in."

But if I perform the steps I noted above, I can, in fact use the formulas, etc., from the Task Pane to pull data.

I have completely uninstalled SMI, rebooted, and re-installed more than once.

Not sure if this is related, but after I create a report, then create and link and run again, I see the same error in every data field: #ERROR:  Report Designer license required.

But if I pull something onto the report from the Task Pane, then the data pulls in again.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I really love this tool, and want to train our clients how to use it, but am stuck with this issue right now.

And it doesn't matter which version of MAS90 I am working with, either 4.40 or 4.50.


Brenda Keene


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hi Brenda, have you spoken to Sage Support about this?

Yes, I have opened a case with Sage and they are researching the issue.  Thanks!

Hi Brenda. are you on office 2010? Another thing to look for is something called the solver add in. In excel go to options-Add-ins-Excel Add-ins and un tick the solver add in. I have tried this and it does work


This was exactly the issue I had.  Sage called me with this information.  I unchecked the Solver Add-in and it works great!  I just implemented this with a client for the first time last Friday, and this Add-in is wonderful.  We were able to copy and paste the rows from FRx into an excel sheet, create the needed columns, and add our formulas.  And it worked!

Thanks for your reply.

Hi Brenda

Is it the Task Pane on the right side of the worksheet that disappears? (As per the below image)

No problem.Glad its worked. Thanks

I have the same issue on Sage 300 2012 and tried checking, unchecking that Solver or even the actual Add-in several times and to no avail....same error "This workbook does not have valid data to use in the Report Designer Add-in."repeated. I tried selecting all years or just one (all runs out of Excel rows), and that had no affect.

Can someone help?


Mark Bradtke

ePrompt LLC


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