Hi All,

I am Paula and I have used Sage/MAS for 18 years, along with FRx.  It's time for us to start using Sage Intelligence with Connector (multi-company) and eventually link it to Microsoft BI so our Sales Staff can have access to Sales Analysis.  We will also be using Sage Intelligence to replace FRx for our G/L Fiancials.

So I have a big learning curve.

To start I have a couple questions.  We are currently on Sage 2015.  Is there an immediate need for me to upgrade to the latest version of Sage 100C?  Are there additional features and tools not available to Sage 2015.  

As we are multi-company is purchasing "Connector" a requirement.

Are there a set of tools needed to eventually meet our goal which is to have the Dashboards via Power BI available in the cloud to Sales Staff.   From my understanding I need Connector, OneDrive, and to start, Microsoft BI for Desktop.  

I received my first error trying to connect PowerBI Desktop to Sage 100 2015 ODBC.

See attached. 

Note: Sage 100 2015, Windows Server 2012 R2

Thanks All,

Paula Park

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Welcome to the community.

I've been working with the Intelligence & Sage 100 for 8 years now. Done hundreds of conversions from FRx to Intelligence. I don't see a need to upgrade to build the FRx reports.

No need for the Connector for building the Multi Company Financials. You assign the companies in the Sub Reports in the Report Designer Financial reports.

As for the Power BI. I personally haven't worked with it and the Intelligence. Can I ask what version of Excel you are using?


Hi Doug,

We use Office 365.  I am not sure what you mean by assigning the multicompanies to subreports.  I would need a visual of that.  I would assume that would not be the same as a Consolidated Balance sheet and Income Statements.  


In the Report Manager there should be a folder called "Consolidation Report Designer".

In there should be a report called "Consol Financial Report Designer 1-1" or something similar. This is a Union report that uses Sub Reports to generate the data output.

In each of the Sub Reports Properties there is a field called "Database Consolidation List". This is where you put the Company Codes for consolidation. (See attached).

You can click the ellipse "..." to select the companies. Note: to get all the companies to display in the list you have to enter the Report Master from the Sage 100 with each of the companies as current company. So in Sage 100 the current Co is ABC, Go into the Report Manager. Exit. Change companies to the next one XYZ and run the Report Manager etc.

What flavor of Office 365 are you running? The Cloud one or the Desktop one?


Thank you for the reply.  So we are licensed to start making Sage Intelligence Reports.  What type of services are available to convert Frx reports to Sage Intelligence?  Is there a library of reports available? All of our reports are consolidated (four companies)



Are you looking to convert the reports yourself?

I am looking to find my options.  I know there is a FRx converter out there.  I know there are shared templates out there.  I have a big project though and need to share the task.  I have about 20 FRx reports, multiple companies, multiple FRx trees.  I have a project to connect SI with Microsoft BI etc etc. 

There use to be a FRx Conversion Utility but it was made obsolete when Sage released the Report Designer AddIn.

I think there is a utility to convert the Reporting Trees. I have a copy but would have to look for it.

Here is a How To Vid to do the convert: Convert your Microsoft FRx report to a Sage Intelligence Report Des...

I've been converting FRx reports for the past 7 years so if you need help you can email me. My email is on my profile page here.

lol...already googled you.  Contact me at admin@windsorone.com.



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