Sorry if I am rehashing an old thread or if I am not in the correct forum.

Also, my first forum so apologize for any bad etiquette

I have just purchased Intelligence Reporting (which may or may not have been installed correctly).

My first goal is to find outstanding supplier invoices that will include the job site they were allocated to.

My first step was to go to the purchases category and see if I can pull out all o/s invoices.  It told me that it could not find any suppliers.

Possibly it is looking for vendors and not suppliers.

Tried to invoke all possible field options but it kept giving nothing.

If I can get the data into excel I can manipulate but so far can't seem to make it work

Thanks in advance for any help

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Just a question.  Office is still closed.  I'm just in for a few hours.

Question is …. I don't know the filename of the database.  Should I just copy the whole folder or just pick out the database.  If just the database, what is the filename??

thanks and best of the holidays

Sorry if I am doing this all wrong.

Just not sure if my comments are showing up as there doesn't seem to be a reply button after this communique.

So Just need to know what files to bring over or should I just copy the whole thing?


Still there?  Not sure if my comments are getting through



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