On an upgrade site (5.5 - V2012), after the upgrade we are unable to open the Report Manager from inside Sage 300.  When clicking on the icon, the error appears: Object Reference not set.

However, on the same workstation, if we are trying to access the Report Manager on its own from outside of Sage 300, it opens successfully without any errors, and works 100%

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Hi Riekie, I had a look on the Sage Alchemex Knowledge base, but was only able to find this : http://www.alchemex.com/knowledgebase/index.php?title=UNEXPECTED_ER...

Not sure if this helps?

Hi, unfortunately not.  This is definitely more of an environmental issue than a reporting issue.  If I run the same report of the same data from my computer, I don't get the problem.  At the site, it happens to all the reports.  We have tried to reinstall the program files, but this did not make a difference.


What type of workstation is this?

Windows 7 PRO 64-bit

You did the right click and run as Administrator right?

From outside of Sage 300, the user can access without the "Right click run as administrator" without any issues.  From inside of Sage 300 there is no such option.


Start Accpac the same way, by right clicking and running as administrator.

They have tried this, the same error appears.

Riekie, maybe you need to log this with the sage support team?

Hi Rickie,

It sounds like they have used Sage Intelligence in 5.5?

If so, you need to uninstall BI from 5.5 then install BI from V2012.

In the Accpac installation guide, there are more detail instruction, but make sure BXDATA is backed up.





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