Dear All,

Can someone assist on what could be the solution to this problem with office 365 and Sage Intelligence.

Sage Intelligence installed successfully on a system running office 365. All reports except the financial works well and displays values.

However, I noticed that the excel interface does not have Adds-in and BI reports on the menu bar. I have tried to activate these features but it is not working.

Is this a problem of Office 365?


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There is no compatibility issue between Sage Intelligence and Office 365. 

Please make sure that your Office 365 is up to date.

The issue where the Add-in isn't showing needs to be escalated to Sage Evolution Support, who will assist you in adding the Add-in back to excel.


Thank you Helen,

My surprise is that when I installed office 2013 on another machine that is connected to the same Server, Sage Intelligence ran and the values displayed.

 When you open the excel screen without running SI, you will see on the menu bar Adds-in and BI tools but that is not so when a system running office 365 (2016 version)

I have escalated to sage support. I will wait for their response.

In the meantime could you try disabling all your COM and Excel Add-ins except for the sage intelligence related ones (under the excel options - add-ins)?

We have seen some issues with the "solver" add-in and others...

Give that a shot


Have you gotten an answer on this? I have a client who uses terminal services to run Sage. They have Excel 2016 on the Terminal Server. SI runs fine. However, if they save the file and copy it to their local machine where they run Office 365 none of the formulas are viable. They are all #NAME instead.


Doug Bilderback,

I don't have answer to this problem yet. I am trying to setup SI for another client now that runs office 2016 on their Server. When I run SI, it come up with #NAME as experienced before on another machine.


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