We have MAS100 and I created a report to be use for 30 departments. In other words, this workbook will have 30 excel tabs: one for each department. I used the ZeroingII macro function that SI has to eliminate rows that have all zeros. I don't want to have to insert 30 macro functions into this workbook. Does anyone know if there's a way to create a range? Or is there a more efficient way of doing this. Any help is appreciated. thank you

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Manuel - You can use the ZeroingII in the Run Add-Ins multiple times. You just need to separate them by a semi colon.

i.e - PLPLUGA.A.ZeroingII(ABX Inc Stat,C,0,1,0); PLPLUGA.A.ZeroingII(ABX Bal Sht,C,0,1,0)....


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