I am running Pastel Evolution with a segmented GL .I have to issues which I am hoping to get some ideas on.


Firstly I need to run a P&L each month for every one of these stores automatically. I was thinking of setting up 100 different versions of the report, one for each store but the pain stakeing thing is having to change the date on each reports every month.


Secondly is i would like each report only to contain the reelvant accounts that beloong to that store but the management pack seems to ingore any filters or parameters I have added for that store.


Is this a feesable solution ? Any ideas would be great.







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Why not create ONE w/book, with all the stores in ONE w/book.

You then put up a menu to each w/sheet (store).

Each w/sheet are password protected, so each (store) can only it's own data.

This makes admin much easier. You can even upload the pck to dropbox, where each store have shared access.

If you want more info or want to talk to me about this, let me know on deon@prinel.co.za



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