I have a GL Transaction container that has pass through variables (I did not create this container). When I created my report I added those two variables and ran the report. the variables had to do with the beginning and ending posting dates. The report just ran and ran and I waited for 20 minutes and eventually had to abort the report. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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How did you setup the Pass Through Variable fields on the report?

I thought I added an attachment. You can't see the attachment?
Anyway it was added like this:
Start Date Equal to @DATE@ NO AND StartDateEqualTo@DATE@

the end date was created the same way as shown above.

DIdn't see the attachment.

If you can export the report and upload it here I can take a look.

Pass Throughs are always tricky.

How do I upload here. i don't see how to include an attachment.

When you click reply at the bottom you will the "Upload Files" link.

Click it and then use the Browse to select the export file,

Sorry but I don't see it. I only see it when i created this discussion. I don't see it whne I click on ADD REPLY

You don't get this:

I clicked on that linked and it said I "can't view the page securely". I am going to start a new dicussion and call it Part2 and I'll attached the report and you can tell me if you can view it. It's just a word document.

If you can't view it there's probably security issues setup in my PC.

No attachments on the other post.

Won't work. When I try to reply the address comes up as do-not-reply@sage...
Let me talk to my I.S. department and have them look into it.I do appreciate your help.

I sent a message on here maybe it will work?


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