In this one company the Dashboard report does not show details of the top 5 customer or top & bottom 5 items.Its seems this is because the ChartData sheet is blank. When I try to refresh the PivotTable nothing happens. I then note that sheet 1 is blank & is not pulling in information from the data base.

Please help. How do I get the data to pull through. The other companies are okay Dashboard report generates without issues. 

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Hi Sitwell,

This could be as a result of the companies not being in the Tenant cache or in the consolidation list.

If they do not display in the Tenant Cache (check by opening Report Manager, click on Tools and thereafter "Tenant Cache" on the right), login to the company you wish to report off in Pastel and then open Report Manager. This will add the company into the Tenant Cache for Sage Intelligence to report of. You'll need to do this for each company you want to report of.

If the company appears in the Tenant Cache but the company data isn't available, it may be due to the company not being in the consolidation list. To rectify this, click on each sub-report making up the Dashboard report and check if the companies appear in the "Consolidation List" in Report Manager's properties. If they do not appear, simply click the ellipsis "..." next to "Consolidation List" and add the company by checking it. Do this for all reports that make up the Dashboard report.

If the suggestions above do not work, kindly contact the Pastel support desk and they will be able to troubleshoot and assist further.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,


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