i'm using the TO function in a period range to consolidate the actuals in an income statement for periods 1, 2 and 3, but it doesn't seems to work.

i'm following the procedures:

There may be times when you’re only interested in your quarter totals and have no need to show the details for each period in your layout. Sage Intelligence provides a convenient way to do this using period ranges. Entering your periods as a range, the same result can be achieved, in less space and time.

To continue with our example, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the value ‘1 TO 3’ as the period value in your Actuals formula;
  • The total for periods 1, 2 and 3 will be returned.
  • When doing this, be sure to leave a space on either side of the ‘TO’.

please guys, anyone has an idea if this works.



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Hi Tony,

You seem to be following the correct steps, 

May i ask you which product is this?



Hi Tony,

I have done some investigation with regards to Period Ranges,

My Findings as follow:

Period Ranges Support on "Actual and Budget" Formulas

Period Ranges DOES NOT Support on "ActualYTD, BudgetYTD, Opening Balance, and Closing Balance" Formulas

It makes sense because 

"ActualYTD, BudgetYTD, Opening Balance, and Closing Balance" Formulas are calculated formulas.

Hope this helps



Thank you Prasad,

i think that was the problem (YTD), i used actuals and it's working fine.

thank you for your help.




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